We made a giant box into a bus. We cut out windows and made a steering wheel from the scraps. She filled it with pillows and bowls of hot-cookie soup. She decorated the bus with stickers then reclaimed the stickers for her face. We disassembled her crib and moved it to the garage. She spent her first night on her big girl bed.

The big girl

5 thoughts on “Decoration

  1. Sarah

    Cute! Cute! Cute! And did she stay in the big girl bed? And does the bus still reside in the living room?

  2. Barb

    Wow. Beautiful pictures, and I love her filling a bus with soup. So glad to be able to share these mommy moments with you from afar.

  3. Amy

    Seriously yummy. Congrats on making the jump to the big bed…that is one of those dreaded transitions in my opinion.

  4. peggy

    Oh, my. This is one seriously cute big girl. And I’m sure she’s very proud of her big girl bed! Just don’t let her stick those stickers all over the bedframe. Take it from me, you’ll never get them off….

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