Infinite Monkeys

It’s the day before Christmas and I ask Josie what she wants Santa to bring her. She says toys. I ask what kind of toys. She says she wants boo (blue) toys. Fair enough. Turns out Santa does have a few blue toys in his sack, and Christmas morning, her stocking is filled with, primarily, small tubs of Play-doh (including blue) and markers (also including blue).  Of course, and I knew this would happen, she loves Play-doh so much that she can think of nothing better. All morning, all she wants to do is play with Play-doh.

She gets what she wants

We manage to manipulate her into opening more of her presents. She gets two toys that come with USB cables. Let the love (or hate) of technology begin. One of the toys is a digital camera that takes real pictures. Even though it is not blue in any way, she’s smitten and spends hours wandering the house taking pictures of her own belly, dusty corners and, sometimes, Mommy sitting on the toilet (awesome).

Are you familiar with the infinite monkey theorem? It says something like: a monkey hitting keys at random on a typewriter for an infinite amount of time will eventually type a given text, such as the complete works of Shakespeare. It seems I should be able to apply this to my two year old taking pictures, right? She’s bound to take a few good ones.

Nope, as it turns out, not really. I did find this little gem:


And this:


The first reminds me of the photos my friend takes on her old-school, vintage camera. I’m guessing that Daddy took the second and a few seconds before or after, she uttered a firm statement telling him that this was her camera.

The only thing I really got from looking at all 150 photos was a good, solid, case of vertigo. But, fear not, I’ll stay vigilant in my quest for genius and I’ll be sure to share it with you when I find it.

5 thoughts on “Infinite Monkeys

  1. peggy

    Vertigo be damned! You have years and years of vertigo ahead, to be experienced in many more venues than photography (as I’m sure you know.) That girl of yours has an eye, already. Her doggie love is a fantastic photo! Thanks for sharing.

  2. marilyn

    I agree – she has an eye if the dog photo is any indication, and more than that, she has enthusiasm and drive (150 photos!). Maybe she’ll come up with a new and celebrated technique combining play-doh and photographs. (But where are the pics of mommy on the toilet?)

  3. admin Post author

    What photos of mommy on the toilet? I don’t have any idea what you’re talking about. Josie must have put that in there. No toilet photos here. No sir!

  4. Mom

    I think I deleted 97 photos of her feet, all taken from the car seat. I left the ones that were …identifiable. We must be sure to tell Auntie Beast how much she loves the camera.

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