Vegetables and Kids Eating Them

Do your kids eat vegetables? If so, which ones and how are they prepared?

If you don’t have kids, what are your favorite veggies and how do you like them best?

My kids are good eaters who are mostly fond of veggies. We exist primarily on roasted sweet potato/yam wedges, roasted parsnips and roasted green beans. I tell you what, those green beans roasted in salt and olive oil taste better than French fries. We’re also very fond of kale rice, carrot-orange soup and, good old, steamed broccoli. Little K can eat a good 2 cups of kale rice for dinner and Jo can eat carrot soup as fast as I can make it. Sometimes I pour it into a mug so she can drink it. We’re crazy like that.

Tell me about your faves and over the next few months I’ll plan to share my favorite recipes with you. Deal?

11 thoughts on “Vegetables and Kids Eating Them

  1. Judy Schwartz Haley

    G wants to like celery because of the wonder pets. She’ll even ask for it, but when she takes a bite she does that head-wobble that means ick and then remembers she doesn’t like it. She LOVES tomatoes. She does really well with broccoli and cauliflower. We’ve been really big on roasted veggies lately – toss them with olive oil and an assortment of herbs and spices that varies with my mood, in the oven to roast…. yum. I try to do a big batch twice a week or so, and then we have them to munch on. And she loves to dip things – hummus, ranch, yogurt, applesauce, mustard all go by the name of “dippy”… she’ll eat pretty much anything if she can dip it in “dippy”

  2. Anna

    I mostly steam veggies here – or raw. The boys love raw carrots or cucumbers or cherry tomatos. Steamed, they can’t get enough green beans, broccoli. I saute mushrooms in butter which is popular (duh!), and artichokes are a big hit. Roasted brussels sprouts are requested and kale chips. I have no complaints in the veggie department with my kids! Carrots fresh from the garden will be here in a few months – seeds went in this weekend!

  3. Mary Beth Hawkins Petersen

    Eleanor loves blanched spinach with lots of butter. So yummy! Anything small, baby tomatoes, celery cut in a ‘u’, baby carrots, or cucumbers in rounds and of course steamed broccoli and cauliflower
    I haven’t tried roasting vegetables, but it sounds great I want to try that. Please give recipe for roasting green beans.
    I know you are busy but I really miss your posts. Post more often please!

  4. Katherine Post author

    Jo really wants to like salad. Always asks for it then… nothing. Every time I make kale rice she says she hates it then I ask her to eat 5 bites and after 2 she says she loves it. If only she could remember that!

  5. Andrea

    We do a lot of raw because my kids really prefer crunchy over soft. I also blend lots of different veggies and throw it into pasta sauce, red peppers and spinach are favorites for this. My all time favorite is roasted zucchini.

  6. Dani

    Try roasted cauliflower. Aiden can literally eat a whole head! EVOO and salt and about 20 min at 400-450. Keep an eye on them and let brown. Yummers!

  7. Sarah

    A loves veggies-raw, cooked-steamed, grilled, sautéed… Doesn’t matter! She loves when I take a container of frozen peas on the road for her to snack on. We feel really lucky for that she is such a good veggie eater.
    I’d love the recipe for roasted green beans.

  8. Jenn

    I want the kale recipe! Plus roasted veggies are the best, can’t wait to try the green beans. 🙂

  9. Katherine Post author

    Yes Andrea, pasta sauce is so good for veggies. I put tons of carrots. The kids seem to think its a normal part of spaghetti. Only the huz complains.

  10. Janelle

    You have me very interested in this kale rice-thing. Recipe? I have one child who grabs the container of cherry tomatoes and sits in the middle of the kitchen floor to devour them. He will eat broccoli raw or cooked and will beg for orange or red peppers (raw). The other child, basically will eat carrots, maybe potatoes. Juicing works to get the beats, kale, carrots down (mixed with apples and oranges). 🙂

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