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SNL’s Version of Downton Abbey and Four Other Things I Love


  1. African American women with natural hair.
  2. Campbell’s Soup’s promise to make their cans BPA free.
  3. Christina Rosalie’s A Field Guide to Now is available for pre-order. Yes, please!
  4. Pam Houston’s ability to articulate the difference and similarity between fiction and non-fiction in writing “So rather than say my intent is to blur the lines, I would say that those lines are not useful to me as an artist. They don’t help me to get the story written.”
  5. Fancy Entourage – What’s better than Downton Abbey? The Saturday Night Live version of Downton Abbey. I can only find the video there. I can’t embed it but you can scroll down to the second image to watch. It’s worth it. TRUST ME!

What five things do you love right now?

A Few Things I Love

I want to talk to you about Happy Hour, but first I know I’m not a design blog but I’m in love with this calendar and these advent calendars and this blog. I want to be her when I grow up.

I’m also in love with the Washington State Fairies. They’re emceeing a girl’s night out event called Happy Hour on Vashon this Saturday afternoon. Shauna James Ahern from the Gluten-free Girl will be there and so will Giyen Kim from Bacon is My Enemy. I’ll be there too. Reading um… Something… Not sure what… Ahem. Come, it should be a fun event. Say ‘hello’ I’d love to see you!


“And here we aren’t, so quickly: I’m not twenty-six and you’re not sixty. I’m not forty-five or eighty-three, not being hoisted onto the shoulders of anybody wading into any sea. I’m not learning chess, and you’re not losing your virginity. You’re not stacking pebbles on gravestones; I’m not being stolen from my resting mother’s arms. Why didn’t you lose your virginity to me? Why didn’t we enter the intersection one thousandth of a second sooner, and die instead of die laughing? Everything else happened—why not the things that could have?”

Jonathan Safran Foer’s short story, Here We Aren’t, So Quickly.