SNL’s Version of Downton Abbey and Four Other Things I Love


  1. African American women with natural hair.
  2. Campbell’s Soup’s promise to make their cans BPA free.
  3. Christina Rosalie’s A Field Guide to Now is available for pre-order. Yes, please!
  4. Pam Houston’s ability to articulate the difference and similarity between fiction and non-fiction in writing “So rather than say my intent is to blur the lines, I would say that those lines are not useful to me as an artist. They don’t help me to get the story written.”
  5. Fancy Entourage – What’s better than Downton Abbey? The Saturday Night Live version of Downton Abbey. I can only find the video there. I can’t embed it but you can scroll down to the second image to watch. It’s worth it. TRUST ME!

What five things do you love right now?

5 thoughts on “SNL’s Version of Downton Abbey and Four Other Things I Love

  1. Judy Schwartz Haley

    1. Have you read Karen Walrond’s book, “The Beauty of Different”? Awesome. As is her blog. She’s also an adoptive mom. Are you familiar with her?

    2. My daughter is supposed to be napping, but I can hear her role-playing with her babies “You went away, but YOU CAME BACK!” I can’t decide if this is heartbreaking or heartwarming. Either way I think my trip last week made an impression.

    3. Theo’s Coconut Curry Chocolate bar

    4. Lists. I love me some lists.

    5. Finding a road I’ve never been down, and following it just to see where it goes – Our favorite mode of “adventuring”

  2. Ann

    I had such a good laugh watching the Downton Abbey spoof. thanks for sharing – because true, belly laughs that bring tears to your eyes are treasures.

  3. rebekah

    Hi, I just read your book this afternoon. It made me laugh out loud (toilet floss) & cry (much of the rest). My 32 year-old sister is fighting colon cancer & I discovered through genetic testing that I have Lynch Syndrome, a predisposition to cancer in endometrial tissues.
    Thank you for writing this book.

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