A Few Things I Love

I want to talk to you about Happy Hour, but first I know I’m not a design blog but I’m in love with this calendar and these advent calendars and this blog. I want to be her when I grow up.

I’m also in love with the Washington State Fairies. They’re emceeing a girl’s night out event called Happy Hour on Vashon this Saturday afternoon. Shauna James Ahern from the Gluten-free Girl will be there and so will Giyen Kim from Bacon is My Enemy. I’ll be there too. Reading um… Something… Not sure what… Ahem. Come, it should be a fun event. Say ‘hello’ I’d love to see you!

4 thoughts on “A Few Things I Love

  1. Sarah Beckon

    Love the links. Everyone of those sites is a keeper. You could lose the whole day just reading these blogs. And the advent products. Just wonderful. Have fun on Vashon this weekend! Read something from the book. SB

  2. dakota keene

    thank you for sharing! i would love to know how ‘design mom’ manages her time with six kids (the latest one is the same age as my second) and has time to publish that sweet blog…I am really honestly asking, not saying this in the ‘oh sure, how does she really manage it all?!’ type tone. I’ve not been willing to give up my passions/interests, but I’m staying up until all hours to keep the house clean, plan a party, study for an exam, write, etc…I’m tired!

  3. Katherine Post author

    I KNOW, it’s crazy isn’t it? You should ask her. She has an ‘ask design mom’ section on the site. Maybe she has some good tips. I’m new to following her blog but it does look like she’s been on maternity leave recently and she had some guest writers/posters. But now it seems like she’s back at it and posting a lot of cool stuff. Must be magic/supernatural powers.

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