Babies Don’t Talk

Photo by Libby Lewis Photography

We’re taking another parenting class. Soon I will be a real life Wikipedia of child raising theories and strategies. This particular class recommends at least 15 minutes of child-dominated play per day. Seems easy enough but when they say dominated they mean dominated. (Oh, what the search engines will bring me for using that ‘d’ word three times…)

When it’s time to play I sit down with her and do what I am told. I am allowed to narrate her play – Josie’s picking up the red block, Josie’s building a tower, nice tower Josie – like the water-cooler guy on Saturday Night Live. I am not allowed to ask questions or make suggestions. I am purely a follower and Josie looooves it.

Here’s how our playtimes go these days.

Josie: You be the baby

Me: OK

J: Baby, ask me for some popcorn

Me: May I have some popcorn?

J: Babies don’t talk!

Repeat 3x.

The end.

6 thoughts on “Babies Don’t Talk

  1. dakota

    i love it when I hear a theory from a parenting book or class, and it turns out I’ve been doing that all along (think conversation that I posted yesterday from dinner on facebook, me the dog, husband the leash, joseph the human).

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