I’m enjoying the stories in the comments section of the last post. You guys are hilarious. This will not be the last you hear on this topic. More soon.

Well Fed

But on to other things, like: Saturday. Good-ness. You guys in Seattle know what I’m talking about, no? Sunny, warm and 65 F. It’s difficult to know exactly what to do with yourself on a day like that in March. There are so many things. Paul and Josie were at “soccer class” so I pulled on some old denim and an old sweatshirt and slipped my clippers into one pocket and my i-pod into the other and ventured into the jungle that is our yard.


I selected some summer music (Spoon) and went to work. I upgraded from the clippers to loppers; then from loppers to the saw. Perhaps I should have stepped aside for a moment to consider my actions when I retrieved the saw. Perhaps that should have been a sign that I was getting carried away. We’ve got some old shrubs in our yard that have turned to trees. Unhappy, unhealthy trees. They needed to be liberated. They told me this.

I spent the morning chopping and pulling and wandering around the yard dirty and breastless. Oh no. Did I just say that aloud? Yes indeed. Does it make you uncomfortable? It shouldn’t. Really, it’s like talking about the gap between my front teeth. It’s just the way it is. I wear prosthetics. They’re heavy and hot. That’s all (for now).

By the time I was done, the trees were about half of what they were. Maybe they’ll love their new looks. Maybe they’ll die. Who cares?


It was a good day and hopefully good enough to get us through the next 11 days of rain predicted in our 10 day forecast.

If you’re outside Seattle, I hope spring reaches you soon.

3 thoughts on “More?

  1. peggy

    Woa. 65? That’s scary. Actually, I hope it DOES rain for the next 10 days. Not because I’m not there . . . but, because we’re gonna be hurting come summer. Hope you’re not too sore tomorrow!

  2. Amy

    I made J clean out the Garage…he was so thrilled. The first really nice day we are all home and all I want to do is clean and have a fresh start. This leads to many lists and projects…then we walk away from the weekend with only two things done. Instead of celebrating the things we DID get done, I end up lamenting all of the things I DIDN’T get done. What is it about the sun that makes me think that I am all powerful and time stands still?

  3. Elizabeth

    So, lets talk about small pleasures. Be it walking around boob-less (to each her own), or a morning without kids.

    It was nearly as nice in SF on Sunday and I started talking about a G&T on a back porch, at twilight, watching the girls run around in the back yard. It is important that we have aspirations, right? Whether the be the G&T, deck, yard or western exposure.

    In the interim, I’ll settle for matching all those random toddler socks in the “lost sock bag” – with a little bit of twilight and the promise of a G&T in the living room.

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