In Defense of Alec Baldwin

After my post about being an angry parent versus being a creepy parent, a friend mentioned a segment (or Act) on This American Life where Dan Savage makes the case for yelling at your kids. It’s hilarious. Probably not the best parenting advice but super-entertaining. I highly recommend stopping by for a good Friday afternoon laugh. Dan’s part begins at about 45:40 minutes into the segment and lasts about ten minutes. If the link does not work, it’s episode #341. Enjoy!

How to Talk to Kids

2 thoughts on “In Defense of Alec Baldwin

  1. Tami

    hilarious! I love the image of kids walking down the street, with their mother flipping them off behind their backs. I have flipped off the baby monitor, I feel I can be honest about that now.

  2. marilyn

    I could never figure out why Alec Baldwin got so much grief over that phone call. What parent hasn’t said stuff like that, or worse? OK, maybe just thought it, but still, you’d have thought he’d beaten her with coat hangers.

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