A Few Notes

I found this on Sunday.

I should go on vacation, the universe is telling me to, but I can’t. I mean I already did. So instead, I went on a mini-vacation to Renton to see my acupuncturist (yes, he really is that good). He put tiny titanium seeds in my ears. He says they’re really hip right now. Take note.

Maybe I should laugh more too.

5 thoughts on “A Few Notes

  1. Katherine Post author

    You’re a funny one! It’s boosting my kidney chi and going to give me more energy. My tongue’s coloration told him to do it! And, besides, they’re so hip!

  2. amy k

    Hiya twinsie!! I went to acupuncture too and had cupping. whoa….that was wild. No titanium seeds but still….
    let me know if the seeds work and I’ll trade you the cups. xo

  3. Barb

    Anything that increases kidney chi is good. Never heard of titanium seeds myself but I’m not up on the latest. I just eat lots of beans and asparagus.

    I am trying to laugh more too. Your blog is one of the places that helps. I miss laughing out loud in person when I listen to your stories.

    Thanks for continuing to put yourself out here for the rest of us to enjoy. Sometimes you are a mini-vacation in the middle of my day (or in the middle of a night of insomnia.) 🙂

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