The Ecstasy of Blue Underpants

I’d like to introduce cousin Lulu, featured in my new guest post on The Next Family. Really, kids don’t come much cuter than this girl right here. Enjoy and have a great weekend!

4 thoughts on “The Ecstasy of Blue Underpants

  1. Lani

    Great post. Take heart, they will eventually (3’ish or so)decide they want to use the potty and not because of bribes but more likely peer pressure. Mary has big girl panties and takes special care to make sure they stay nice. Or something along those lines. One special note. NEVER teach them it is okay under special circumstances (like late at night while camping) to go potty outdoors. Trust me, it can take forever to break them of that, if ever. Especially little boys. And the real little ones will generally choose the front yard in front of the neighbors.

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