We Went on Vacation

We swam in the pool all morning, napped, went back to the pool all afternoon. At dinner she asked if we could go “night swimming.”


It didn’t occur to me to bring floaties or pool toys. The pool was the toy.

Nice Hat

She wore the hat I bought for her. For a few minutes anyway.

Oh NO!

Every time she walked past the bee-covered rosemary, she’d say, “Oh no! Don’t ting me bee!”

My ARty SHot

I wandered around in my swimsuit in the mid-day sun, taking arty shots.


It really was that good.

6 thoughts on “We Went on Vacation

  1. Anna Fowler

    Yes, yes it was!!! I recognized Nick’s toe in the final shot! Did I mention that we decided to rebook our Boston trip tickets for a return to CA for Spring Break? It was such a good trip the idea was easy!

  2. admin Post author

    I think it’s your toe. Your legs were wrapped around him. Boston vs California in March? You made a very good choice.

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