48% Fatter

Perhaps you're wondering where that spare tire came from.

One of the things that bloggers are supposed to be good at is taking the news, quickly distilling it, providing an opinion and sending it back out into the world. The key word here: quickly. I’m just catching on to that whole idea. I tend to read something, mull it over, check my email, read about it again, maybe eventually write something, take some pictures, send it to someone to proofread, eat some dinner, then maybe, eons later, post it.

The news on high-fructose corn syrup (HFCS) has been one of these issues. There’s lots of mouth-breathing going on over here (and not just because I’m thinking hard, but because Josie is potty-training and you know what that means: poop. Lots of uncontained poop.)

All this to say: oops, sorry for the delay but here’s the news in case you haven’t heard.

A Princeton Research team discovered that rats with access to HFCS and rat chow gained 48% more weight (mostly in the abdomen) than rats with access to cane sugar and rat chow. Did you hear that people? 48%. I did all that thinking and mulling and mouth breathing for nothing because I just don’t really have anything to add. 48% kinda speaks for itself, no?

One more thing, along with the weight gain came an increase in circulating triglycerides, and an increase in risks of developing, high blood pressure, coronary artery disease, diabetes and (wait for it wait for it) cancer. Doesn’t it always come back to cancer?

5 thoughts on “48% Fatter

  1. Alyssa

    Ay. Well, that continues to bolster my idea of making most of my own desserts. Now if I can just moderate how often I do it!

  2. Tami

    Gross!!! Sickening!! Literally!!

    I love that commercial put out by the corn industry that shows two moms at a kids birthday party. The one mom is about to serve punch or something, mom two reads the label and says, ” oh I don’t give my kids high fructose corn syrup!”. Mom one, with a slight tone of mocking, “Why not?”. Mom two, all dumbfounded and sputtering, “well um…”. Mom one, “Corn syrup is all natural. It comes from corn! It’s as wholesome as a glass of milk.” or some such nonsense. And that glass of milk, well that’s another story.

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