Just Pretty

I’ve been looking for something important to say today. I’ve been reading the health section of various newspapers, toxin blogs, green blogs. I’m just not feeling it. Nothing. So instead I’m going to post some pretty (I hope) pictures.

What could be better?

We went to a friend’s house and got to jump on a trampoline. A big one. Have I mentioned that I bought her a trampoline? It’s a little one – just a place to burn off some extra energy. The good news: she loves it. The bad news: it’s in our living room. Awesome, just what I’ve always wanted.  

Good Fun

We went to a friend’s princess pony birthday party. Yes, that’s a party with real princess dresses and a real white pony decorated with pink and purple spots, colorful tail and a unicorn horn strapped to its head. It was awesome.

Fashion Plate

4 thoughts on “Nothing

  1. Tami

    Love the shot of J mid-air! Flying! And the rubber boots and dress combo… perfect. The look says, I’m not afraid to get girly and I’m not afraid to get muddy. My kinda girl.

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