Tunes My Husband Whistles (While Sleeping)

Paul’s been doing a lot of sleep-whistling lately. I wish I wasn’t awake to hear it.

I bring this up with Paul at dinner. Lots of whistling going on over there at night – what’s up?

What’s the tune? He asks. Is it that Chicago song, 25 or 6 to 4? Because it’s been stuck in my head for like two months. I can’t get away from it. I heard it in a store or in the background somewhere and it keeps coming back.

I don’t know what song he’s been whistling. I’d never thought to listen. Even though I’m often painfully awake wondering why my melatonin isn’t working or if I should take more magnesium or break down and take an ambien. Even if I did listen and even if I did manage to identify the song, surely I wouldn’t remember in the morning. I’d write something unintelligible on my notepad about sunrise, chocolate milkshakes and slurpees that made perfect sense to me at the time but would represent some unbreakable code in the morning.

After dinner, I Google 25 or 6 to 4. Did you know Chicago has produced 250 songs? I came across this special treat (below), and discovered that it’s a song about staying up all night trying to write a song. When Paul hears it’s a song about a song, he hates it even more. He doesn’t like songs about rock and roll either. He’s like the opposite of post-modern. Pre-modern?

Anyway, I don’t know if it’s the song Paul’s been whistling or not but that doesn’t matter now. My sleep-deprived brain has made it so.

Maybe tonight I’ll sleep. Or maybe I’ll lie in bed with my finger on the button of my sound recorder. While I wait for the break of day, I’ll think about how poignant it is that the song he whistles is about waiting for the break of day. Maybe if this continues and I keep recording, over the next few years I’ll actually capture whistled versions of the whole Chicago collection. Once I have a handful of songs, I can make a mixed CD of sleep-whistling that I can give to him for our anniversary or his birthday or some other special occasion. He’ll love it. They’ll be like lullabies to him. Then other people will hear about it and I’ll post it online, you’ll be able to download it from this very blog. You’ll have your own copy of his sleep-whistling. We’ll expand to other classic rock bands by making him listen to classic rock right before bed. Hotel California sleep-whistled or maybe Wake Up Little Susie. Then, of course, it will become a massive internet sensation and he’ll be famous and then we’ll have a Twitter feed of his latest night whistles with millions of followers. And the whole world will wait every day for me to update his list of classic rock whistles. The CD will be produced by a big record label. Instead of Muzak, department stores will play Paul’s night-whistles in elevators. We’ll write a book about it. Someone will purchase the rights. OMG who will play me in the movie?!

Or, maybe the insomnia will go away, I’ll start sleeping again and Paul’s whistling will rise up and dissipate into the black sky unheard. Wouldn’t that be nice?

7 thoughts on “Tunes My Husband Whistles (While Sleeping)

  1. Amy

    You know I want you to sleep. AND you know I love the Mr. but I *desperately* want to hear the sleep whistle! Any chance of posting a sound file?

  2. Lani

    Yes, yes – we need a sound file. As for the sleep, I know people count sheep but I have found if I want to quiet my mind and fall asleep I do the multiplication tables. I even force myself to start with 1 x 1 = 1 through 1×12 and work my way up. You have to concentrate depending on how well you remember them but it really keeps you focused away from other worries while you drift away. You can also count by 3’s, list prime numbers etc. This of course works best for those who don’t do these calculations for a living.

  3. Sarah Beckon

    Your poor husband. Is there any trigger to sleep-whistling? Does he ever comment on your blogging about him? He must be a wonderful, kind patient person!
    Sorry about the insomnia. It sucks. SB

  4. Patricia

    Too funny. Paul loves you so much, he even entertains you when you can’t sleep….
    I, too, vote for a sound file.
    Count backward by 7’s (for sleep. I think the idea is, you bore yourself to death, or in this case, to sleep.)

  5. Tami

    Oh my goodness… I’m laughing so hard and so silently, so as not to wake the almost back to sleep baby in my arms, my abs are sore. I would like to see Gywneth Paltrow play you. Also, Cameron Diaz would be good. For sleep, try the Pythagorean Theorem. A sound file of sleep-whistling could be my Hanukah and birthday gift combined for the next seven years. I hope you get some sleep, Kath. Insomnia SUCKS. Just kidding about the Pythagorean Theorem. Avogadro is the way to go.

  6. Katherine Post author

    Wow, Gywneth and Cameron, you flatter me so…

    Thanks for everyone’s good advice. I slept pretty well this weekend but then wide awake from 3:30 am -5:30 am on Sunday morning. No sleep whistling to be heard. Not sure what the trigger is. Not even sure he has any idea this post exists. I did a little math but that didn’t work. So I got up and did a little web surfing. Couldn’t figure out why there wasn’t anyone on facebook. Ate a little cereal. Good times.

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