Her Beautiful Friend

Lately my three-year-old brown baby has become aware of skin color. She points out all the black children at the pool and the store. Sometimes she seems pulled toward them. Other times she seems not to have any interest, she’s just pointing out a fact.

A few weeks ago, I bought the new Mavis Staples CD. When Josie asks for her it comes out sounding like mabitaple and she always wants to listen to her LOUD. I’ve told her teachers and grandparents that if they can’t figure out what she’s saying, she’s probably asking for Mavis.

We’d only listened to the CD a few times when Josie found the jewel case sitting on the front seat of my car. She picked it up and stared at the picture of Mavis. We talked about how pretty she is – what a nice smile she has. Josie started calling Mavis her bootiful fwiend and carrying the case around, holding it close to her chest.

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8 thoughts on “Her Beautiful Friend

  1. Barb

    You’ve hooked me, but I can’t find the rest on mybrownbaby.com

    Can you give us a link that goes directly to the piece? 🙂

  2. Lani

    I just have to say that if you look at the picture of Josie in the Meow post and you look at the picture of Mavis, the resemblance is remarkable. Maybe she is seeing herself all grown up.

  3. Anne M

    Wow, this Grandma is going to take that as a major compliment from Josie. How sweet. Hug her for me.

  4. Harriet Glynn

    Interesting! I’m waiting for Theo to say something. But he lacks words. I always show him Sesame St videos featuring awesome black singers. Interesting times head for sure.

  5. Katherine Post author

    No, not at all, not like I was talking about any one particular niece who never takes hers off. Nothing like that at all…

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