This Girl’s Motor

Josie’s always been a strong girl. At her 2 week check up, the doctor did a test of her neck strength. She was on her back and he wrapped her little fingers around his index fingers and pulled her into a sitting position. Most newborn’s heads fall to the side but Josie held hers perfectly straight. He said it was “remarkable” and that he’d never seen anything like that before.

Gradually she grew into a chubby baby while retaining that strength. At 18 months she was FAST with no concept of danger or sense of self-preservation. Even as she moved toward three she still had a layer of chub that created a misleading façade, a pink princess wrapper on a V6 engine.

Just in the last few months, Josie has lost most of her baby chub. Gone are the delicious dimpled thighs and, the part I notice most, the creases at her wrists. Gone. There are bones there now. It is SO strange.

Without the wrapper, the engine is on display.

Clearly, I need to find this girl some more athletics. Is training a four year old for an ironman excessive?

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8 thoughts on “This Girl’s Motor

  1. Barb

    We are going through the same thing here. And I was going to venture to say the constant motion was a boy thing until I read your post. I just spent a week in Door County trying to wear Sam out every single day, and I think I realized that it’s not possible. It’s too bad we live so far apart. Maybe Josie and Sam could wear each other out instead of their mommies. 🙂 LOVE the picture.

  2. Alyssa

    We are seeing the same here, too! Cyclocross. Running,jumping, riding a bike, mud and hurling oneself over things. Plus, she already was training for it with your garage door. AND, Bob’s Red Mill sponsors races each Sunday with a kids’ division in the fall (free breakfast).

  3. Mary Beth

    Eleanor does “All Comers” track meets in B’ham. You should check if they have them in Seattle. They are wonderful. She falls asleep so very easy on those nights.
    Clear Lake triathlon has an all ages kids distance tri that we have done the past two years.
    I think our trick is having a sport she does with each parent so she gets more worn than we do.

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