Josie’s Middle-Aged Baby Sister

Josie and I were at a stoplight one day about 18 months ago, before we’d decided to adopt again, when Josie told me her baby sister was coming and pointed out the window. She said her name was Hona and I was super-surprised to find out she was a middle aged white woman wearing sneakers.

We made the decision to adopt again about a year ago but since we weren’t going to start the process right away and we knew how long the process takes we decided to wait as long as possible to tell Josie. So we still hadn’t told her when a friend said, “Hey, if you need any baby boy stuff, just let us know.” Josie was sitting on my lap and she turned, put her hand on my tummy and said, “You have a baby in dere?!” Oops. I told her, that no, I didn’t have a baby in there but that we’d talk about it later.

When we got home late that night she said, “Mommy, who’s Michelle?” Oh heavens. Michelle (name changed) is Josie’s birth mother. I looked at Paul, I guess we’re going to talk about this now… He nodded. So we did. We talked again, about Michelle and the women who choose families for the babies in their tummies.

Then I told her that she was going to have a baby brother or a baby sister and that she was going to be the big sister. She threw her head back and covered her face with both hands. She made a long yelling/laughing aaaahhh sound that could have been agony but that I knew was excitement. I knew the sibling-induced agony wouldn’t come until later, hopefully much later. I could see the smile even under her fingers. Hona would be with us soon.

6 thoughts on “Josie’s Middle-Aged Baby Sister

  1. Tami

    Hona!!! Love this one, Kath! Love that little gal. She might be on to something. A middle-aged white woman in sneakers would be pretty handy around the house.

  2. Katherine Post author

    I hadn’t thought of that! We could totally adopt a nanny/house cleaner/cook! I’m going to look into it right away.

  3. Christina

    If you have any luck with the nanny/housekeeper adoption please let me know! I’ll jump on that bandwagon immediately!

    And also: how I adore that photo of those two up there. The smiles!

  4. CoffeeJitters

    sounds like the little sibling already has a name. might be more convenient for Hona if she turns out to be a girl. 😉

    I totally need to adopt a nanny/housekeeper too

  5. Katherine Post author

    You know, I think there’s enough interest here that I could open up a nanny/housekeeper adoption agency. Hm, maybe that’s called a placement agency. I’ll have to keep working on this one.

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