The cousins arrived.

Santa came to grandma’s house on Christmas Eve. Who do you think was most excited?

He came back that night and filled stockings with band-aids, scotch tape, play-doh.

Then we went to the island.

Now we are here. We wear down vests and mud boots all day. We walk. We sit on the couch and talk about investment portfolios, book contracts and potty training. We dig through the bin of 50 cookie cutters and try to guess the animal for each. It’s surprisingly difficult. Is that a giraffe or a llama? Paul fixed the faucet. I steam cleaned the carpet that Josie smeared with Aquaphor last summer. I’m enjoying a book (Out Stealing Horses) for the first time since I read Cutting for Stone. I read while sitting with my feet close enough to the fire to melt the tread off my slippers.

We promised the girls a trip to the lake after their naps. We took them even though it was almost dark.

Happy New Year everyone!

8 thoughts on “Holidays

  1. Sarah Beckon

    Oh my goodness!! What photos. But that last one is prize winning. Glad you are having a good Chrismas vacation! Don’t catch your feet on fire. SB

  2. Heather

    Gorgeous photos! And Happy New Year to you, my dear. So happy that it’s beginning on so many happy notes for you.

    One of these days I must get you out to the mini-farm on your way to the islands!


  3. Rachel

    such serenity in the mundane, and then a book deal!! so many reasons to celebrate. congratulations! happy new year

  4. Beth

    Happy New Year! And I must say, you look amazing in that photo. You look not a day older than in college, and maybe even younger! Can’t wait to hear more about your book. It’ll be a must-read for me 🙂

  5. Tami

    love it… especially that you went to the lake even when it would have been easy to say no.

    I agree with Beth, you look pretty amazing.

    Raena says: The pillow pet is ado-O-orable! Next year I want to give you a Dora pillow pet. Why did Santa come to your house? Is that your dad?

  6. Katherine Post author

    Tami, is Dora an animal. Not sure Dora could be a pet but no need to shoot the idea down yet. You have a full year for her to forget. Santa is my brother-in-law’s stepdad. Doesn’t he look just like Santa?

    Beth and Tami, thanks for the compliments, I give credit to a new bang trim and camera trickery.

  7. Katherine Post author

    Heather, I think of you and the mini-farm every time we drive through the Skagit Valley and I always have that same thought. Heather is up here somewhere. I should stop! Next time.

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