How to Adopt a Baby

1.       Talk to friends and friends of friends about their experiences.

2.       Try not to get lost driving around foreign neighborhoods looking for a community center that will host the Journeys of the Love, Hope, Heart, Blessed-Child’s Dream of the Christ’s Open Adoption agency meeting.

3.       Ask the social workers what programs/countries will let you adopt if you are single, over 40, in a same-sex relationship, and/or a cancer survivor.

4.       Choose the agency that can answer your question.

5.       Get fingerprinted, background checked, dig up the value of your house, find pay stubs, photocopy bank statements, get friends to write references, find your dog’s vaccination records, have the pet store where you purchased your fish sign an affidavit of its health, make a list of every illness you’ve ever had, dig up the name of your third grade teacher who could verify that indeed your favorite color was lavender, make a list of your stuffed animals and their names and how well you took care of each and every one of them, and promise, that if they could talk, they would guarantee that, if given the opportunity, you’d be the bestest mother ever. Click here to read the rest…

3 thoughts on “How to Adopt a Baby

  1. Sarah Beckon

    Oh my, what a beautiful, real thing. Be sure to click on the read the rest. I’m glad I did. SB

  2. Jen Yarnell

    I would love to know more about your adoption process. I too am a bc survivor and we have a 3 year old biological son. We are ready to start the journey to adoptive parenthood, but everything we’ve read seems like roadblocks to survivors. Also, I am a current member of YSC Seattle, so any local agencies or social workers that you may have come across during your journey would be extremely helpful.

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